Visitor Use Policy


Schiff welcomes members and visitors to enjoy the trails of the preserve from dawn to dusk 365 days a year. We ask that all of our visitors abide by the Visitor Use Policies to assist us in preservation of the land and the safety of others so that all may have a positive visitor experience.

  1. Motorized vehicles are allowed on the main entrance/exit road and in the parking area ONLY.
  2. Dog walkers must stay on trail and pets must be kept on leash at all times.
  3. Littering of trash or pet waste is prohibited. Please carry out all waste.
  4. Hikers must ALWAYS stay on existing roads and trails to prevent injury and erosion.
  5. Deer management hunting is permitted by authorized hunters ONLY.
  6. Fishing, trapping, or firearm use by others is prohibited.
  7. Alcoholic beverages or smoking on the preserve is prohibited.
  8. Removal, destruction, or disturbance of plants, wildlife, or soils is prohibited. Please leave no trace.
  9. Swimming in any body of water on the preserve is prohibited.
  10. Paint ball or bb gun use on the preserve is prohibited.
  11. Overnight use or campfires are permitted by advance request and permit ONLY.
  12. Signs restricting area use are to be adhered to.
  13. Mountain bikers and horseback riders must keep to designated trails.

Attention Dog Owners

Dog related ordinances and Schiff's Visitor Use policies are in place to protect the safety and wellbeing of all residents, property, and deter dog waste littering. We ask that ALL dog owners assist us in maintaining a friendly, clean, and safe preserve by following all of Schiff's Visitor Use policies with special care to those pertaining to pet ownership. Click here for our Dog Owner Policies.

Emergency Phone List

Police/Fire Emergency: 911
Police/Fire Non Emergency: (973) 543-2581
Chet Komoroski, Land Steward: (908) 447-9794 (cell)
Dorian von Aulock, Executive Director: (973) 543-6004 (office)