Field Trips for Environmental Education

FUN & LEARNING, Naturally!

Programs for K-5 Meet State Curriculum Guidelines

School Field Trips Mendham NJWhat better place to take your class for a field trip than into an actual field, forest, and river? Our programs are led by experienced educators in the fields of ecology and environmental science. The education staff at Schiff delivers curriculum linked to the NJ Student Learning Standards so that field trips can provide a central learning activity within a class’ science unit. We can also adapt a lesson to meet your curriculum needs.

Our preserve comprises 760 acres of permanently preserved open space in Mendham Township, Mendham Borough, and Chester Township and offers environmental education programs throughout the year. Located in Mendham, NJ, Schiff is a convenient destination for schools throughout Morris, Hunterdon, and Somerset Counties.

Our School Field Trip Program can accommodate groups of up to 60 on one day, with groups split into 3 groups of 20 students each. Schiff does not provide food or beverages, nor do we have adequate indoor or outdoor seating for groups of more than 20. Schools may plan to provide for their own picnic-style lunch or snack and enjoy a picnic lunch in the Great Meadow or on the bus.

Schiff's school field trips include an interactive hike and hands-on nature based activities, exposing students to the outdoors and creating an awareness, excitement, and appreciation for local plants, animals, and ecosystems.

Schiff Field Trips can occur even when the weather predictions call for light rain. However, if heavy rain or thunderstorm predictions are higher that 70% for the time of your field trip, cancellation or rescheduling the field trip may be required. Depending on the start time selected, we can make that determination 24 hours prior using

Prepare students and adults by suggesting weather appropriate shoes and clothes and by bringing the supplies needed to address the needs of any student who has an allergy care plan.

Lastly, and most importantly, when requesting bus services, please ensure that the request buses is for a bus with a length no longer than 34 feet. Due to the extremely sharp turns on our preserve road, longer buses find it extremely difficult, if not dangerous to navigate the sharp turns that are our entrance and exit roads.

Program Fees:
1.5 hour program- $10 per child
2.5 Hour program- $15 per child

Minimum fee of $100.
No charge for teachers and chaperones/aids. However, we ask for a chaperone: student ratio of 10:1.

Field trip topics include:

Animals of New Jersey:
Schiff is home to a wide diversity of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Uncover mysteries of the creatures hiding right in our backyards and in the various habitats of The Garden State.

Habitat Conservation:
Explore the requirements of living things and how habitats are an integral part of their survival. Through interactive games and discussion, students will gain an understanding of the habitat requirements of living things.

Insect Discovery!
Through scientific questioning and hands on exploration, students will learn about insects and their relatives. The web of life that extends from these creatures will be illustrated with activities and demonstrations.

Forest Foray:
At Schiff we see the forest through the trees. A hands on look into the diversity of trees that make up a healthy forest, how a tree works, and all the benefits trees give all life on earth.

Digging Deeper - Soil Science:
The importance of soils for every living thing is explored through experiential learning with a plot study, observational hike, and demonstrations.

For more information or to schedule a field trip for your class, please call Schiff Nature Preserve at 973-543-6004 or contact us at: .

Once your date is confirmed and paid for, please download the Preparation Checklist to assist you in planning of your visit to Schiff Nature Preserve.

"What a wonderful program we had today. The Schiff environmental educator was so fantastic and patient. Our kids REALLY enjoyed themselves. This was the first time our little school visited Schiff, and I know all the parents walked away with plans to come back. Thank you again!" - C. Savage educator