Our Preserves


Schiff Natural Lands Trust has four separate nature preserves, and approximately 768 acres, under management. Schiff often partners with local municipalities and environmental organizations that also seek to protect our beautiful natural areas and preserve open space for generations to come.

Schiff Nature Preserve

Our flagship preserve is home to our Nature Center, our Native Plant & Butterfly Garden, and most of our programming. Currently, this preserve comprises 502 acres and a variety of terrains, including our Great Meadow. Access to this preserve is via Pleasant Valley Road in Mendham Township. You’ll find ample parking in front of the Nature Center. Click here for a trail map.

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"I am so impressed with the amount of work that goes into this preserve. Hats off to you!"

- Schiff neighbor and long time supporter, A. Weinstein

McVickers Brook Preserve

This 107-acre parcel is co-managed with Mendham Borough, and is adjacent to Schiff Nature Preserve. Access to this preserve is via Pleasant Valley Road in Mendham Borough or Thomas Road in Mendham Borough. Parking is limited at both entrances.

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The Mosle Preserve and Recreation Area

This is a 112-acre parcel that Schiff co-owns and co-manages with Mendham Township and the NJ Water Supply Authority in a successful partnership to preserve open space and provide additional recreational sports fields. Access to this preserve is via Carriage Hill Road (at the end of Hunters Glen Road) in Mendham Township. There are several large parking areas on this parcel.

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Mt. Paul Preserve

This 46 acre parcel was added to the Schiff Natural Lands Trust in 2012 through a partnership with Mendham Township and Chester Township. The site of an old shale quarry, this site includes an actively managed wetland habitat and unique geologic outcroppings. The Mt. Paul Preserve is adjacent to the Mendham Township Burnett Brook Preserve and is accessed via Mt. Paul Road. Parking is limited.

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"We continue to enjoy hiking at Schiff and are happy to have Schiff as our neighbor."

- S. Keegan, neighbor