Where Wild Things Happen Naturally!


Come out and explore our trails, take an environmental education program, hold an eco-themed birthday party, or send your rising environmentalist to our popular Summer Nature Program. There's so much to see and enjoy at Schiff that it’s no wonder this is the place where “Wild Things Happen Naturally!” We have 12 miles of marked trails, and protect approximately 768 acres of land in the heart of beautiful Morris County, NJ. Schiff is rich in history, too. From Revolutionary period artifacts to vintage buildings constructed by the Boy Scouts of America during the Depression era, there are still discoveries to be made! Come out and play, hike, explore and support our efforts to protect the natural beauty of our local communities.

Schiff Nature Preserve Mendham NJ

Picture of building with debris"Coming home from church on Sunday I saw a Bald Eagle, not far from Schiff!! Conservation efforts do work! Kudos to all of you and for what you are doing!" - P. Bennet, member

"THANK YOU for remaining open in the spring after all of the state & county parks were closed. You were truly a lifeline for my sanity! My dog and I enjoy frequent visits to Schiff in all sorts of weather. I learned snowshoeing in your preserve this month! Best wishes for 2021." - J. Jotz, friend to Schiff


Please Join Us in Thanking Our Newest Business Partner for a Greener Community!
We are proud to welcome Breakaway Prep-Mendham into the BPGC program. Breakaway provides ACT/SAT and admissions counseling/academic tutoring in Mendham. Please join us in thanking them for their support of Schiff Natural Lands Trust.